Wellness Ministry

“… I will bring health and healing… I will heal my people and will let them live in abundant peace and security.” — Jeremiah 33:6

St. Paul is a health place...a place where health is fostered and where wellness is cherished as a part of God’s will for people. As children of God, we are related to one another and it is through community that we derive our support and encouragement.

Through our church, we can move toward holistic health: the health of mind, body and spirit.

St. Paul takes an active role in healing through its Wellness Ministry—by affirming that the Gospel isn’t just words, it is God acting. Our church is a health link connecting you and wellness, helping to keep you well and well-informed.

St. Paul’s Wellness Ministry assists in identifying health concerns and needs within the congregation. The Ministry works to coordinate plans that emphasize the importance of health and wellness as a part of the life and work of the church.

Wellness Ministry promotes stewardship of health in many areas including worship, education, support networks and recreation. Following are some of the activities sponsored by St. Paul Wellness Ministry:
      •   Healing services
      •   Blood pressure screening
      •   Health articles, displays and programs
      •   Transportation for those who cannot drive themselves
      •   Celebration of Life Team (funeral receptions)
      •   Maintain first aid kits and AED
      •   Sending cards to homebound members

Parish Nurse

St. Paul’s Parish Nurse focuses on the balance of the whole person in achieving health, most particularly, on the intentional care of the spirit. The Parish Nurse provides health promotion and education to the congregation, individually or in groups.

To meet the health and wellness needs of each individual, the Parish Nurse offers

Referrals to community services or resources, including health care systems,
Help interpreting test results, diagnoses, treatments and medication,
Accompanying the individual or family to physician appointments to take notes, ask questions and review with the individual or family later,
Home visits,
Phone calls, and
Health screenings at church.

The Parish Nurse is a part of the Wellness Ministry team.
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