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Wedding Policies and Choices

Wedding Policies of Interest

1.  Photographs. The use of flash pictures is discouraged during the ceremony. Photographs recreating the ceremony may be taken immediately after the service or after greeting the guests. Time exposed photos and video taping may be done during the ceremony in a manner that is not disruptive to the worship service. Pre-service photographs are to be completed at least one half-hour before the service is scheduled to begin.

2.  Smoking/Alcohol. Smoking is not allowed in the building. Please refrain from the use of alcohol while at the church during either the rehearsal, the wedding, or the reception.

3.  Rice, etc. Rice and birdseed pose a walking hazard, therefore, we ask that neither be thrown inside or outside the church. We also ask that helium filled balloons not be used. You may wish to replace these customs with bubbles blown by the guests as the bride and groom leave the church.

Wedding Liturgy Choices

You are part of the “liturgical team,” working with the pastor to make liturgical decisions about the wedding service. A sample wedding liturgy is available. The liturgy decisions include items in the following list.

1.  Participants. Liturgical tasks are many and may be shared with family and friends: lector, assistant in the liturgy, prayer writer, usher, acolyte, preparer of the host, presenter of the wine and host, distributor of the elements. If you wish to include friends and family in the liturgy, they will be “trained” at the time of the rehearsal.

2.  Lessons. You may select the scripture lessons. A suggested list of readings is available or you may select a biblical passage that has special meaning to you or to your family.

3.  Prayers. You may use the prayers in the sample wedding liturgy or write the prayers for the day yourself.

4.  Eucharist. It is very appropriate that Holy Communion follow your wedding vows. By so doing, you begin your married life nourished by the real presence of Jesus Christ promised in the bread and the wine of Holy Communion.

5.  Candles. Lighting a unity candle can be included in the liturgy, as well as a presentation of roses. Unity candles and holders are to be provided by the bride and groom. If you wish to have aisle candles, they are to be either dripless candles or votive candles using the church's aisle candles that attach to the ends of the pews.

6.  Music at the wedding. The wedding music selected should have text fitting to that of a celebrative service of the church. The texts chosen are to relate to the marriage service and reflect the belief that human love is a sign of God's eternal love and presence in our lives. Some favorite musical selections may be more appropriate at the reception. The organist is expected to be one of the organists of St. Paul Church. All music selected for the service is to be made in consultation with the Organist.

7.  Interfaith marriages. Frequently, one of the partners in a marriage comes from another religious tradition. When this happens, the marriage service will be revised so that the dignity of each person's beliefs is upheld. Religious leaders from other faith traditions are welcome participants in the marriage service.

Other Wedding Details

1.  Marriage license. In order to have your marriage performed at St. Paul Church, you must have a valid wedding license. The license is to be procured at the DuPage County building in Wheaton. You must bring with you to the marriage bureau the following: (1) fee and (2) birth certificates.

2.  Flowers. The wedding coordinator will help you regarding the use and placement of flowers in the chancel. If you do not have a wedding coordinator, the florist or a family member will be assigned this responsibility. Nails and tacks may not be put into any of the church furniture or woodwork.

3.  Runner. If you will have a runner, it should be at least 72 feet long.

4.  Nursery. Guests are welcome to use the church's nursery/play room if small children need a reprieve. Please arrange for someone to tidy up the room if it is used. Food is not allowed in the nursery.

Wedding Rehearsal

A wedding rehearsal will be scheduled a day or two prior to the wedding. The purpose is to familiarize you with the processional, the recessional, and the places you will stand during the service. All of the wedding participants, including ushers, should attend. The rehearsal normally lasts about 30 minutes. The pastor and the wedding coordinator will guide you through the liturgy and will provide you with detailed instructions for the next day, answering any logistical questions.

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