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Sacraments: Holy Baptism

Martin Luther lifted up the day of our baptism as the most important day of our life. This is true because, as Luther stated in his Small Catechism, on this day God gives us his most important gifts: "the forgiveness of sins, deliverance from death and the devil, and the promise of eternal life". Luther reminded us that even though our baptism took only a short time to do, its effects last a lifetime.

Because of the importance of this sacrament, it normally takes place in the midst of the worshiping congregation. This is also a clear sign that in baptism we are made one with Christ and with the whole people of God. Here the congregation promises to support the person newly baptized and welcomes them into the body of Christ.

Although we are baptized only once, the gift of baptism continues throughout our life. The ongoing nurturing of the Christian faith is part of the congregation's ministry to those who are baptized. Instruction in the Christian faith, affirmation of baptism, confession and forgiveness, are some of the ways God's people participate in the life-long gift of baptism.

If you would like to consider baptism for yourself or your child, please contact the church office to make an appointment with the pastor.

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